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There was no ticker tape parade to accompany the release of the JDBC 3.0 specification, but many will be pleasantly surprised at its list of enhancements that include everything from performance-tuning options to support for extended-level database features. This article describes, in detail, the new features that are available in JDBC 3.0 and explains why they are important. The JDBC 3.0 specification was shipped as part of the J2SE 1.4 release early in 2002. The key goals of the JDBC Expert Panel were to align with the most important features of SQL99, combine all the previous JDBC specifications into a single document, provide a standard way to take advantage of native DBMS functionality, and improve scalability. The JDBC 3.0 specification contains a collection of useful new features, none of which, if taken individually, would be considered "major." Transaction... (more)

Making Your WebSphere Apps Run Faster and Jump Higher

What's the best way to develop and fine-tune your WebSphere applications to run faster, jump higher…and make fewer trips to the database? When creating optimized WebSphere applications that access data on your DB2 database, what kinds of challenges do you face? Creating DB2-enabled WebSphere apps involves the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, which can be a challenge in itself. This article will look at various DB2-enabled applications and offer some guidelines to help your WebSphere applications run more efficiently when they connect to a DB2 database. Designing WebSphere A... (more)

Java Feature — JDBC 4.0

It's been over three years since the JDBC Expert Group held its first meeting to gather requirements, requests, and pipe dreams for the JDBC 4.0 specification. In that meeting, we discussed a wide variety of topics, including performance enhancements, clarifications on the existing JDBC 3.0 specification, and Ease of Development features. Unbelievably, everything but the kitchen sink ended up making it into the release. In this article, we'll look at several key features that made the enhancement list for JDBC 4.0, and we'll discuss why those features are important. At the time ... (more)

Best Practices for SOA: Building a Data Services Layer

These days nearly every sizable organization has either implemented some form of SOA or has it on their roadmap. They quickly find that SOA efforts tend to expand like spider webs, eventually touching every corner of IT as well as the business itself. Due to the vital role that data plays both in business and systems operations, database architects, information specialists, data integration experts, and anyone responsible for data persistence in an organization are increasingly being called on to contribute to their organization’s SOA initiatives – whether or not this was intende... (more)

JDBC 4.0: A Significant Advance on the Standard and Features Worth the Wait

Pooling is great - except it's not very tunable, it's hard to map end users back to connections in the pool, and if a connection ever becomes invalid inside the pool, expunging only that connection from the pool is nearly impossible; JDBC 4.0 addresses all these drawbacks As a member of every previous JDBC Expert Group, it sometimes seems as if the specification process moves too slowly for the few features being added or it seems as if the new feature list is good, but "not good enough." The JDBC 4.0 specification fits neither of these perceptions. The specification includes a ... (more)